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Professional junk removal services covering Las Vegas and surrounding areas including... Henderson, Summerlin, Centennial Hills, Nellis Air Force Base, China Town, Paradise, Green Valley, Sunrise Manor.

Junk removal Las Vegas services

junk removal in Las Vegas

Junk Removal

One of our most familiar and routine services is junk removal. We assist many of our clients with removing clutter and unwanted items from their homes, or businesses. Junk Boom Gone is no stranger to the task of junk removal. Our friendly and qualified staff will aid you in the process of cleaning out the property you require. Give us a call for a complimentary quote today.

property cleanouts

Property Cleanouts and Foreclosures

Property cleanouts and foreclosures can be a daunting task. For anyone, whether you are a property owner, property manager, real estate agent, or a bank. It’s crucial to make sure you have a competent team who knows that your time is important. Often enough this sort of job is on a time scale, and budget. That’s where we come in. Our team is adept and energetic. As well as conscious of time frames. Reach out to our team for a free quote and effortless schedule setting.

furniture removal

Furniture Removal

The Junk Boom Gone team members are all highly proficient at the art of furniture removal. Anyone who has had to move, knows how arduous and physically demanding it can be to lift and delicately move furniture. It is crucial when moving furniture, to do so in a way that will not create any property damage. That’s where our team can help you. Call us now to set up an appointment.

mattress removal

Mattress Removal

Mattress experts recommend getting a new mattress after about 8 years. Often times mattresses have to be replaced sooner than that time frame. Upgrades can be needed if the mattress becomes stained and damaged. Or because after time mattresses can lose the support that our bodies need for a restful night's sleep. Either way, our team is regulars when it comes to helping Las Vegas residents remove old mattresses and box springs.

appliance removal

Appliance Removal

Our team here at Junk? BOOM!...Gone, LLC. is the leading appliance removal team in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Our regards to safety and proficiency are superior to other similar services. With our expertise, we ensure that no property damage occurs. It is our guarantee that we will not impair, or tarnish any part of your property. Large appliances are heavy and bulky. We use finesse to get the unwanted appliance out, whether it is small or enormous, or any size in between. Call us today to get a complimentary quote.

hot tub removal

Hot Tub Removal

Our Hot Tub removal experts at Junk? BOOM!...Gone, LLC. will amaze you on how efficiently they are at properly disposing your hot tub. We only ask that hardwire/electrical is cut off so that we are able to get to work. We pride ourselves on how savvy our guys are when disposing a hot tub. Once at the property our guys will determine best way to remove hot tub, we will always elect the best solution to get rid of that old unwanted hot tub.

Items We Take

No matter what shape or form junk takes, the impact is always the same, and nobody wants to keep an eyesore around and invite the risk of injury with broken appliances just scattered everywhere. And given that it’s a safety issue and a sanitary issue in one, it becomes all the more necessary to ring up a reliable and reputable junk removal company to get things done fast and clean like Junk Boom Gone. 

However, the one thing holding most households and business establishments back from making the call is that they’re generally unsure if their collection of junk and garbage fits the bill. So to help bridge the gap in information and get you started on your junk removal journey as soon as possible, we’ll be going over our professional services one by one to get you up to speed:

●    Furniture Removal, Disposal, and Recycling

●    Appliance Removal & Disposal

●    Mattress Removal Disposal & Removal

●    Yard Waste Removal

●    Cleanout Services 

●    Garage Cleanouts

●    House Cleanouts

●    Hot Tub Removal & Disposal 

Furniture Removal, Disposal, and Recycling

Everybody owns furniture, and whether you’ve recently moved into your forever home or have been living under the same roof for well past a decade now, you’ve probably collected quite the number of furniture pieces over the years. In fact, some people might even have extras and vintage items from a few years back gathering dust in the attic or basement just in case of those rainy days.

Sadly, no matter how much effort you put into maintenance or how expensive the furniture was when you first bought it, everything eventually succumbs to wear and tear once it gets past the ten-year mark. And while others might think it’s the purchase that gets them, buying something new is the least of your worries when you have to consider how you’re getting rid of the old one fast.

Lucky for you, Junk Boom Gone’s team of furniture removal, disposal, and recycling experts are among the best in the industry at solving all your junked furniture problems. And whether it’s a couple of dressers way past their time or a kitchen dining set that’s seen better days, we’re happy to help.

●    Donating Anything and Everything That Still Works

Most believe that the majority of junk furniture that finds its way straight to dumpsites and landfills is the best option, but, in reality, this isn’t a sustainable practice because a lot of what gets thrown out is still useable. Considering that a bit of love and care will do the trick, it’s an unnecessary waste of money and resources that could’ve been put to better use.

Working with Junk Boom Gone guarantees that we will donate anything and everything that still works to partner charities, non-profits, and any means to help those who need them the most. In doing so, not only do we get to throw out your junk and extend the furniture’s useful life, but we also share our blessings with others in less fortunate circumstances.

●    Recycling What’s Beyond Repair and Can’t Be Donated

While donations are the best course of action, we can’t treat every piece of furniture the same because there are others beyond repair and would make it unreasonable to try fixing them and donating them. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find other value in these items because furniture parts like wooden materials, plastic components, and metal scraps are recyclable.

Working with Junk Boom Gone ensures that anything that can’t be donated will immediately proceed to the next best thing; transferred straight to a sorting and recycling facility. In doing so, we’re actually killing two birds with one stone, and that’s getting rid of any mess you had at home while reducing the overall environmental impact of furniture disposal.

But if you still have doubts about whether any of your junk gets picked up or not, here’s a checklist of the most commonly hauled away junked furniture for reference:

●    Couches

●    Sofas

●    Beds

●    Mattresses

●    Chairs

●    Tables

●    Bookcases

●    Cubicles

●    Desks

●    Cabinets

●    Boxes

●    Armoires

●    Tool Units

Appliance Removal & Disposal

Other than furniture, appliances take about just as much space, if not more depending on your lifestyle, in a house but receive substantially more mileage due to their convenience. For example, it’s not uncommon to use your favorite stove multiple times a day to prepare meals or keep the air conditioning unit on full blast during those hot summer days.

But again, like anything that you use on a regular basis, even the most expensive and top-quality appliances will meet their day of reckoning past the ten-year mark, with others even shorter than that, depending on frequency. However, since replacing an old one is as easy as scrolling through an online selection through partner websites, it’s the removal process of getting something so heavy and compact onto the curbside that’s challenging.

Junk Boom Gone’s team of appliance removal and disposal professionals is no stranger to any appliance junk hauling job, and with us by your side, even a fleet of broken refrigerators can’t stop us. Better, we’ll even do you a solid and go the extra mile of getting things done on the same day so you won’t have to stare at the junk pile any longer than you should.

●    Not All Junked Appliances Are Unsalvageable

Although most people would like to believe that any appliances loaded onto disposal trucks are beyond repair and feature several issues, that just isn’t the case for most jobs. Not all junked appliances are unsalvageable, and in the luckiest cases, all they really need are minor fixes here and there to become serviceable.

Junk Boom Gone makes it a professional commitment to utilizing sustainable practices as much as possible, and when an appliance is still in good condition, we donate them to partner charities and non-profit organizations. We get to extend our help to people in need through this approach, like victims of disasters and those stricken by extreme poverty.

●    But if Donating Isn’t an Option, We Do Recycling

Much like their furniture counterparts, we can’t save every appliance meant for the dump, and that’s because some are just beyond the help of repair and make no sense to donate as well. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another value in these appliances because a lot of their components and parts are recyclable, especially those made with plastic and metal. 

Junk Boom Gone prides itself in the pursuit of recycling, and if your junk appliances fall under the same category, we make it a habit to send them straight to recycling facilities first before we even consider any landfill or dump. In doing so, we get to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the disposal and help combat climate change.

But if you still have doubts about whether any of your junk gets picked up or not, here’s a checklist of the most commonly hauled away junked appliances for reference:

●    Air Conditioners

●    Refrigerators

●    Ovens

●    Stoves

●    Microwaves

●    Toasters

●    BBQ Grills

●    Washers

●    Dryers

●    Televisions

●    Heaters

●    Fans

●    Dishwashers

●    Water Heaters

Mattress Disposal & Removal

We love mattresses just as much as the next person, and while newer models and famous brands can lean toward the expensive side of things, good sleep is the one constant in life that nobody spares no expense to get it just right. Plus, with all the stress that’s moving to and from work situations and what you get to see on news outlets, any bit of relaxation we can get to bring ourselves back to Earth is much appreciated.

However, after around seven and ten years of use, your mattress will start to show noticeable signs of sagging and bumps that substantially erode any comfort you feel. And while ordering a brand-new one through online stores is no problem, it’s the fact that you’re going to have to carry the old one out onto the curbside that invites disaster and risk at every corner.

Luckily enough, we consider mattress disposal and removal jobs among our specialties, and with our team on the double, you’ll have nothing to worry about other than what the new mattress feels like. And even if you’ve got more damaged and stained mattresses stashed away in the basement, we’ll be more than happy to take them off your hands and out of your life for good.

    Lifting Is A Chore, But We Have That Patted Down

While mattresses may look easy to carry because they’re soft, fluffy, and help you get a good night’s rest, it’s actually among the more complicated items on this list to remove. Mattresses tend to bend and conform to whichever shape possible, and since it’s not lying flat against a bed frame, it becomes all the more dangerous if you’re going down a few flights of stairs.

Working with Junk Boom Gone, however, guarantees that you won’t need to do any of the heavy liftings yourself because we have that skill patted down and know it like the back of our hand. As a result, you get to focus on what’s important and assure your safety, and we’ll have it done in less than a day should you have no additional instructions.

●    Recycling as Much as We Can, Whenever We Can

What most people don’t know about their mattresses is that these bad boys aren’t actually the greatest when it comes to recycling because they feature a combination of hazardous waste and recyclable parts. But if you know for a fact that the majority of its components are made of textiles, wood, fabrics, and metals and have no issue with molds, recycling then becomes the most important option.

Junk Boom Gone ensures that any mattress still salvageable will be sent straight to the appropriate recycling facilities for proper disassembly and disposal. And while it may not seem like it will put a dent in the global mattress crisis anytime soon, every bit we can do to help is good for the environment. 

Yard Waste Removal

Yard maintenance and all sorts of chores related to keeping your lawn looking good is a job that doesn’t get a lot of love but is necessary for any household in the country to keep up their curb appeal. And while clippings and trimmings can be very annoying to deal with if they ever get in your socks, there’s no denying that looking out of a window at your well-trimmed lawn and decorated garden never gets old.

However, not all yard work is the same, and while one weekend in spring may have you done in a few hours, we can’t say for certain what it will be like for winter. And when the time comes that you’ll have more yard waste than the biodegradables bin can handle, you’ll be stuck with a collection of garbage bags just attracting pests and insects all over the place.

Fortunately, we consider ourselves quite the experts at yard waste removal jobs. And with Junk Boom Gone’s team by your side, even the heaviest of fallen tree branches and the enormous stumps will be no match for our fleet of trucks and yard waste removal equipment.

●    We Will Always Be There No Matter the Weather

Severe weather conditions result in the most horrendous and difficult-to-clean-up yard situations every single time. And while you may have gotten used to things by now, these circumstances never get easier and always have something up their sleeve to make you worry even more.

However, instead of hauling all the garbage bags yourself, give us a call instead because Junk Boom Gone’s team of yard waste removal experts will always be there on demand no matter the weather. So, even if it’s spring break or the dawn of a new summer, you can count on us to help you with any yard waste removal needs.

●    You Can Count on Us for Large-scale Cleanups

It’s not uncommon for households to tackle large-scale landscaping jobs and backyard renovations to give their home a fresh start and bump up the property’s overall value. However, while installing new furniture, setting up pathways, and the like are plenty difficult by themselves, it’s the final cleanup process everyone dreads most.

Working with Junk Boom Gone guarantees that you won’t have to break a sweat hauling any of these bags filled with yard waste anymore. And once you have all the construction supplies and demolition debris in check, we’ll take them out of your hair much faster than you can say; thanks for the quick turnover times.

But if you still have doubts about whether any of your junk gets picked up or not, here’s a checklist of the most commonly hauled away yard waste for reference:

●    Branches

●    Lawn Clippings

●    Stumps

●    Landscape Trimmings

●    Soil

●    Sod

●    Landscaping Debris

Cleanout Services

In life, nearly anything can happen, and sometimes the things you least expect will come right back around the corner to surprise you when you’re not careful. But as with all new chapters that come to pass, there’s always the responsibility of cleaning out your property when turning over a new leaf, something that’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do.

 As luck would have it, Junk Boom Gone’s team of experts has the skills and equipment essential to handle cleanout services without a hitch, and if you want to give your home a quick and efficient sweep, we’re the people for the job. Namely, our junk removal company covers (1) estate cleanouts, (2) eviction cleanouts, and (3) hoarder cleanouts to provide a comprehensive list of choices for our clients.

1.  Estate Cleanouts

The loss of a loved one never gets easier with time, and all families deserve the opportunity to grieve and put their hearts at ease before anything else. Sadly, there’s only so much time you can delay for an estate cleanout until you really need to go over your loved one’s belongings and start picking up the pieces.

That’s where we come into the equation to offer our help with the entire cleanout process. Our team of professionals will handle everything inside and out with the respect it deserves. Once you’ve identified the important items to keep, we’ll get the job done as fast as possible so your family can return to grieving.

2.  Eviction Cleanouts

While most people believe the notion that everyone in the rental industry lives carefree, even the most successful rental property managers go through their fair share of awful experiences, especially with bad tenants. Worse, these tenant horror stories will go through hell and back to ruin the place after receiving an eviction notice, leaving the property in an unsightly state.

However, instead of keeping the cleanup process in-house, we recommend leaving the job to us because we professionals at Junk Boom Gone are more than capable of handling an eviction cleanout or two. Plus, you’ll be saving a lot more and helping the environment as well because anything we find goes to recycling facilities pronto.

3.  Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarder situations are no joke, and even if a close family member or friend who suffers from the problem decides to change, the cleanout process is a lot more grueling than most realize. You’ll have to dig through mountains of trash, junk, and rubbish, and since these were recognized as sentimental belongings just a few days ago, you can’t simply throw out everything and anything you find.

Working with Junk Boom Gone’s team of hoarder cleanout experts guarantees that we will be with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes to get the job done. And once we’ve singled out the stuff you intend on keeping, we can shift into the next gear to pick up the pace and finish much more quickly.

Garage Cleanouts

Garages can be anything you want, and with enough time, budget, and creativity, you can turn them into a home gym, a personal workshop, or the perfect storage area for you all your car modding projects. Plus, even if you work up a bit of a mess, it doesn’t intrude on any of the other rooms in the house since it’s closer to the end, and you can just exit through the garage door.

There’s just one issue, though, most households haven’t seen their garages in a clean and organized state ever since they got the home in the first place, and that speaks volumes as to the number of scrap parts, car supplies, and old tools just scattered everywhere. Worse, even if you took a swing at cleaning the place up, who knows what type of injuries and hazards you’re inviting if you don’t even know half of what’s hiding inside.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fly solo, and with our team of garage cleanout experts to help you, even the worst motor oil spills and a collection of rusty old equipment are no match for our expertise. In fact, it’s not just convenient, but it also saves you a lot of time because we won’t waste even a second until any junk that needs hauling is loaded onto our trucks.

●    We Value Your Safety First

Although it’s not impossible to do it yourself, all it takes is one honest mistake, and you might end up hurting yourself before you make any significant process on the cleanout job. As a result, it pushes back your plans even further, and now you have to rest and recover before giving it another try.

Instead, working with Junk Boom Gone gets rid of any stress or guesswork because we value your safety first and do all the necessary heavy lifting for you to get the job done in as little time as possible. Plus, anything recyclable will go straight to sorting and recycling facilities for appropriate disposal. Just remember that hazardous waste like paints and other harmful materials is out of the question.

House Cleanouts

People like the idea of forever homes, but with how fast-paced the world has become, moving addresses and finding a new place to stay in a whole new environment is a lot more common than you think. Especially if you’re banking on a recent promotion or a job opportunity, planting your roots somewhere completely foreign to you is a risk that a lot more people are taking nowadays.

However, moving out is not as easy as it sounds, and while the movies loved showing the process as fun and spontaneous, getting the paperwork done is by no means a laughing matter. Worse, you’ll have to go through all of your belongings, spanning from memorabilia, trinkets, appliances, furniture, and every little device you might have to discern which goes with you and what gets junked.

So, to help lessen the load and share some of the weight, Junk Boom Gone’s team of house cleanout experts are ready and willing to haul any junk you might have straight to the dumps and recycling facilities. And in doing so, you get to focus on what matters most while we do what we do best, and that’s offering the best hauling solutions in town for an affordable price.

●    Fast Turnover Times and Keeping Things Professional

If you’re moving out due to family or employment concerns, there’s always a strict schedule and deadline that you have to keep up with if you want things to come out okay. And if you’re busy doing all the junk hauling yourself, this will eat away at your time and opportunity to be productive elsewhere.

Working with a reputable and prompt junk removal company like us is your best bet because we guarantee fast turnover times and keep things professional no matter how difficult a cleanout job is. Junk Boom Gone will see that no stone gets unturned, and every recyclable part we find receives sustainable disposal. 

Hot Tub Removal & Disposal

Hot tubs and jacuzzis are seeing extra love nowadays, with more people searching for ways to renovate their backyards and find exciting alternatives to the regular patio and lounge space. And given the amount of fun and laughs you can have by inviting a few friends over for a chill night in a hot tub, it’s no surprise why it’s become a lot more popular.

However, the one thing with hot tubs is that these specialty items don’t last long. And while a hot tub can last upwards of twenty years, the median is much closer to ten and lower because of its many moving parts and components.

This brings us to the real problem with hot tubs: the dreaded removal process. These vessels and their control systems are very cumbersome, and even if you can get them by the curbside, it’s not something you can just drop off by the nearest dump and call it a day.

That’s where we come in to pick up where you left off because Junk Boom Gone is no stranger to hot tub removal and disposal jobs. We’ll have it loaded onto our truck in no time and send it straight to sorting and recycling facilities for appropriate disassembly and disposal. As a result, not only do you get rid of the problem, but we also get to reduce the environmental impact. 

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